Omicron…… the saga continues as do face to face appointments at Lowford Clinic

Whilst many face to face services have been very limited since March 2020, we have continued to operate and offer face to face treatment since we were able to reopen in June 2020.  In order to do so we put in place very stringent and thorough infection control policies to protect all those visiting and working at the clinic

Whilst our ongoing and returning clients noted a bit of a difference regarding the appearance of the clinic and practitioners the care has thankfully been able to be delivered both professionally and successfully. 

We have always been guided by Public Health England with regard to the level and quality of our PPE and this continues to be the case, your safety is at the forefront of our business. It is likely that whatever comes next with Covid our understanding of PPE and infection control will enable us  to continue to offer face to face appointments. 

We continue to insist on mask wearing, hand sanitisation and thoroughly ventilate the rooms between clients (alongside surface cleaning).  

Should you need further information on these systems please click on the button Covid-safe procedures

We believe that the systems we have in place are as stringent and wide-ranging as the possibly could be.  Whilst no venue can guarantee a risk-free visit, we believe that we are doing everything we can to make the risk as low as possible

Please also call us if you have any other questions or worries. We’ll be happy to help assess whether you should be coming and what measures you can take to stay safe.

General Information

  1. A Pre-appointment screening questionnaire is required to be completed to ensure that it is appropriate and safe for you to attend the clinic.

  2. Making the appointment and pre-paying  by online means (we have a new online service to help with this) or bank transfer.  To enable you to utilise our online payment system you will need to register with our software and upload your card details .  Your data is held by an online payment company called Stripe, so is held with security at the forefront.  Clicking on the registration button in section 8 below will take you to our site.

  3. Waiting in your car to be called or collected when we are ready for you.  This ensures that you will not come into contact with anyone else.  Whilst you will miss the warm welcome from our lovely receptionists for the time being they will not be present in the clinic.

  4. Mask wearing for all.  With us both in a mask (and us in full NHS spec PPE, appropriate for our classification) we protect you and us. You may even find us in clinical scrubs.

  5. In an effort to minimise exposure and contact, we’re limiting the use of our toilet. Please arrive at the clinic knowing that you may not be able access our toilet during your visit.

  6. We have transitioned to a new online system to make our care for you more convenient and streamlined.  It would really help us if you registered now registration

  7. For existing clients your file is already setup and you just need to assign a password.  For those of you new to us, please register by following the instructions.

All of these changes makes us confident that Lowford Clinic will be a safe place to visit and work in.  Whilst we can never eliminate completely the risk of infection, there will be very few places that you will visit outside of your home in the coming months where the risk status of every person present has been so carefully determined and controlled for.

We want you to be confident in our protocols and to be assured that although the clinic environment, our appearance and how we do things will look very different we are still dedicated to deliver the best possible care to you.