Making the Clinic and You Covid-safe

During these uncertain and bewildering times we have taken many steps to ensure that a visit to Lowford Clinic is as safe as it can be.  Below is a summary of all the systems and protocols we have invested in

  1. Pre-visit screening.  No staff member or client can visit the clinic without completing a Covid questionnaire.  These track travel behaviour, contacts  and all of the common Covid Symptoms.  Any person with symptoms or contacts with those with symptoms cannot attend the clinic as a staff member or client. Practitioners take 2 lateral flow tests per week.

  2. PPE of a quality and type as directed by Public Health England.  The exact items may vary from time to time as guidance changes. 

  3. Provison of Type IIr surgical masks for all clients on entry to the clinic.  Whilst many clients thoughtfully arrive with their own masks, we insist on the provision of clean and sound certified masks. We insist on mask wearing due to the health concerns of clinic team members.  All clients and staff wear a minimum of a Type IIr surgical mask when in the building, except when eating or drinking.

  4. Utilisation of high alcohol content hand sanitisers.

  5. Adequate spacing between clients to ensure adequate time for  cleaning and ventilation

  6. The treatment couch, all surfaces within the treatment room and common touch points within the wider clinic are thoroughly cleaned between every patient with anti-Coronavirus solution

  7. Utilising air purification systems in treatment rooms, these contain multiple layers of filtration including HEPA filters.  In addition these purifiers utilise a system that neutralises airborne pathogens such as the Coronavirus.

Whether you are a new or existing client of Lowford Clinic please give us a call on 023 80405335  if you have any concerns or questions regarding your visit.