Our commitment to you

We have made the clinic environment and our operating policies as foolproof as we are able in order to minimise any risk to you and our team.  Listed below are some of the measures we have taken and things to be aware of.

If you have been a previous client of Lowford Clinic, it unfortunately will look and feel different to what you have come to expect.  However these changes still enable us to deliver a great quality of care.

  1. Our team members all complete the Covid-19 screening questionnaire before setting out for the clinic and record their temperature on arrival.  No team member will be present who displays any of the signs and symptoms of infection, or who has had direct contact with a colleague displaying those symptoms.

  2. All practitioners will be wearing the same level of personal protective equipment (PPE) as practitioner performing a similar role within an NHS setting.  We will be wearing clinic scrubs, disposable aprons, gloves and a type iir surgical mask.  Our treatment protocols have been altered to minimise close quarters contact with you.  We will only go into the treatment room once we are ready to complete the hands on element of your visit. The quality of your care will not be compromised by these changes.

  3. We have the strictest of hand hygiene and clinic cleaning protocols in place.  The clinic is thoroughly cleaned and the treatment rooms ventilated between every client.  The clinic has been decluttered and some furniture replaced.

  4. Initially we operated a one client one practitioner policy: you are the only person in the clinic with your practitioner.  However with discussion and planning there will now be 2 practitioners in the clinic at anyone time.  We are doing our best to stagger appointments and furthermore since your practitioner will collect you from your car when it is appropriate to do so,  the risk of any interaction within the clinic is low.  If it were to happen, all those present would be wearing medical grade masks and the interaction would be fleeting.

  5. Our pre-screening policies for you are in place to ensure that the risk of ANY client or practitioner bringing an infection into the clinic are as low as reasonably achievable.  Unlike most other public facilities we can control who is in the clinic and when they are there.  Whilst elimination of this risk is impossible in any healthcare facility we believe that we can do no more to achieve our goal of keeping you safe.

  6. The first appointment for both new and returning clients will consist of a two part appointment.  Part 1 is an online or telephone appointment.  Part 2 is the face to face element.   Part 1 enables us to gain all of the information we need from you whilst maintaining distance.  Part 2  (treatment and examination for those that need it) requires all of the PPE and control measures that we have outlined.  Whilst there are now 2 parts to the process there is only the one fee that has increased a little as described below.

  7. At this time consultation fees have increased by £2 to £42 for follow up appointments.  The Initial Consultation remains the same at £64