Sports Stone Therapy

Sports Stone Therapy is the most advanced stone therapy being performed in the UK today and we are lucky to be able to offer it at Lowford Clinic. It requires the best of training in ITEC Sports Massage Level 3 and the advanced Physio Medical Stone training of LaStone UK. In summary it is  an advanced massage combining the techniques of both  Sports Massage and hot and cold stone therapy. The benefits of this combination is that tissue and muscle can be worked more easily and quickly.  5 minutes of Sports Stone Therapy in conjunction with temperature changes is worth 20 minutes of conventional massage. It also means that the tissue is not being ‘tenderised’ as in a manual treatment and that unlike manual treatments which avoid areas of inflammation, it can be used to soothe the affected area and promote a speedier healing process.

Each treatment is tailored for you the client, taking into account your medical history, injuries, along with any surgical procedures you have had. Your problem area will be worked with alternating temperature stones, as well as any associated stretching and mobilising techniques.  This results in increased flexibility and mobility to enable you to move more freely with greater comfort.  In addition should your problem area involve scar tissue Sports Stone Therapy may reduce areas of scarring whilst promoting the restoration of healthy tissue.

Sports Stone therapy is suitable for  anyone, of any age. You don’t need to play sports to benefit from this treatment  you just need to want your body to work in harmony with your lifestyle. Furthermore if you have areas of scarring, old or new, including that from general surgery, caesarean or even cosmetic surgery, they can all benefit from being worked on  as a part of the treatment.

This treatment should not be confused with the hot stone therapy often found in spa’s and beauty  salons.