At Lowford Clinic we strive to provide services and choice for those wishing to play an active role in their recovery from injury or chose to take responsibility for their ongoing health and well being.  We feel that Yoga can make an excellent choice since it combines both physical and emotional aspects, two key elements in overall recovery from injury and crucial in the attainment of overall wellbeing.

Yoga is a 5000 year old form of exercise that aims to galvanise strength, flexibility and breathing to boost both mental and physical wellbeing.  Most studies suggest that yoga can be a safe and effective way to increase physical activity, flexibility and balance. There is also some evidence that regular yoga practice may be  beneficial for people with high blood pressure, heart disease, aches and pains including arthritis and lower back pain, depression and stress.

Our yoga classes provide a nurturing and creative environment in which each student is encouraged to discover and develop their own practice; they are also a great deal of fun and lead with humour.  Whilst the classes are fun and involve a great deal of banter they will challenge participants of all levels.  If you are expecting to just sit in a nice relaxed posture and say ommm, one of our teacher’s advice; is to seek guidance elsewhere.  There are up to a maximum of 8 students per class to enable our teachers to provide every participant the level of guidance and encouragement they need to achieve their own goals.  The classes explore the relationship between the mind and body and aim to release the tensions we hold in each.  This can lead to many physical and mental benefits and result in a  greater awareness and respect for the body.

Class Times

Monday 10:30am – 11:30am – Marie-Claire

Tuesday 10.30am – 11.30am- Beth 

Thursday 6:30 – 7:30pm – Marie-Claire

Friday 5:30 – 6:30pm – Marie-Claire

Saturday 9:30am – 10:30am – Beth

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What should I bring?

You don’t need much for a yoga class. We have mats in the studio however for hygiene reasons we encourage you to bring your own. Also bring enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn.

Do I wear shoes in class?

There is no need for shoes, the floor is cushioned.  You will practice in bare feet or in socks.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing for stretching and breathing. You may want to leave your jewellery at home as well, so it doesn’t get in the way during some of the postures.

I am not as fit as I once was and a little anxious about joining a class. Can I still practice yoga?

Of course.  There is something for everyone.   Lack of fitness or flexibility is no barrier to joining a yoga group at Lowford Clinic.  You may see that in just a few sessions the postures often become more manageable and you notice benefits.  Yoga aims to bring quality into your life; be it physically, mentally and/or emotionally.

Are there any age limits for practicing yoga?

You are never too old to start yoga.  You can start your Yoga practice at any age, and continuing practicing forever! We are all at a different “level” in our practice, but there are options for everyone. Please don’t let your age be a limiting factor in your development with yoga, since the benefits of continued movement and participation as we get older are very well established.

I feel really stiff and I don't think I'll be able to achieve the things that more flexible people can

If you are stiff, you are not alone. Many of us spend years of our lives sitting at a desk, driving in a car, or standing on our feet all day long, as a population we are generally much less active than we used to be.  The detrimental health effects of our sedentary lifestyles are well documented.  The effects of gravity and the impact our emotions can have on us physically can cause a lot of tension and stiffness in our bodies. By practicing yoga, we can increase the flexibility of our bodies in doing so bring relief  to the short, tense muscles in our bodies.  Regular practice and patience are necessary to increase flexibility . Most of us don’t start out flexible when we go to a yoga classes , and everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, so try not to compare your progress, your body, your postures with anyone else in the class. You are practicing yoga for you

I am pregnant, is it good for me to do yoga?

Don’t wait to do Yoga until you are pregnant. But, if you haven’t practiced before, it’s a great time to start. Practicing Yoga during pregnancy can be a wonderful aide in staying balanced, strong, and breathing deeply through many stages and changes that your body will go through in your nine month process. Please consult your Physician and/or Midwife before beginning a Yoga practice while pregnant. It is recommended not to practice in the first trimester if you haven’t practiced regularly before. Please feel free to call us to schedule pre-natal classes and to discuss pre-natal Yoga further.