Pre-screening Questionnaires

The completion of these questionnaires are a pre-requisite prior to booking any face to face appointment at the clinic.  

The questionnaires address 2 important aspects of your health and their completion enables us to discuss any particular risks in your case and plan the best way to proceed with your care at Lowford Clinic.

1 Covid-19 status.  

In an attempt to keep us all as safe as possible, we need to question you regarding symptoms and contact with those that have symptoms.  At this time we are unable to offer care to those displaying symptoms of Covid-19 (unless you have a had a negative test for the virus).  we are also not able to see you if you have been in the presence of contacts with Covid-19 signs and symptoms (unless a healthcare worker correctly using PPE).

2 Vulnerability

The government has designated 2 groups of people that are of a higher risk of developing more severe infections of Coronavirus with the increased likelihood of requiring high levels of care (including ICU/ventilation).

These groups are: clinically vulnerable and the extremely clinically vulnerable. 

Clicking on the link will enable you to confirm if you are in one of these groups.  The extremely clinically vulnerable should have received a letter to confirm this situation. This also applies if you are caring/co-habiting with someone on the list.

You will need to confirm if you are in these groups.  Being in these groups doesn’t make face to face appointments impossible by any means, we have allocated specific times of day for you to be seen and we have to make certain that you are aware of these increased risks.