Client responsibilities

We as a clinic have taken our responsibility to keep you safe incredibly seriously, as you would expect.  The clinic has completely remodelled itself and changed our operating procedures drastically to minimise your risks as much as is possible.  We believe that our cleaning procedures (utilising only products proven against the coronavirus structure), use of NHS levels of PPE (for our type of work space and procedures carried out),  our ability to ensure that you and your practitioner will be the only people in the clinic at any one time, and our pre-screening of anyone attending the clinic makes us an establishment that has done everything (and more ) asked of us.

Given this we think that you will also want to be part of this endeavour to make Lowford Clinic a business that can continue to offer great levels of care at an extremely challenging time in all of our lives.

How you can help us

  1. Register with our online system Registration

  2. Complete the screening questionnaire honestly and in a timely fashion, they enable us to then book you an appropriate appointment.

  3. Please wait in your car until called to make your way into the clinic or collected from your car if parked in the clinic car park.

  4. Please only come into the clinic alone, unless you need the physical support of another person, or there is a legal requirement for you to be accompanied.

  5. It is ideal if you can come prepared in clothing such as shorts and a loose fitting top, particularly for your first visit.  This clothing is useful at all times though and it will prevent us having to use gowns and remove layers of clothing prior to treating you.  If this is not achievable then we will do our best.

  6. In an effort to minimise exposure and contact, we’re limiting the use of our toilet. Please arrive at the clinic knowing that you may not be able access our toilet during your visit. 

  7. YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO  WEAR A FACE COVERING.  During the hands on phase of your appointment we are unable to keep the safe distance of 2m apart.  The government’s advice at this time is to wear face-coverings in these situations.  We will provide you with a medical grade surgical mask prior to entering the clinic.  It is yours to keep and you will be expected to wear it at all times when in the clinic, and to remove it once outside.  We will also  be wearing masks.   Our mask protects you from us and your mask protects us from you. 

  8. Once inside the clinic you will be required to  use hand sanitiser provided.

  9. We are unable to take cash/cheque payments at this time so would ideally prefer you use the online payment facility that we provide, or payment by bank transfer.