The clinic has undergone some fairly extensive changes in the last couple of weeks, changes that make our clinic a little less inviting but a whole lot safer for you to visit and us to work in.

Opening up has required us to put in place many protocols in order for us to keep as socially distant as possible whilst in the clinic.  Clearly this cannot be the case when we treat you, but at all other times we are able to achieve this.

Below you will find some links giving you detailed information on the protocols that both the clinic and also you our clients are expected to follow.  These procedures are not optional and have been put in place having completed a thorough risk assessment based on best practice health and safety  guidelines and also stringent infection prevention and control (IPC) policies. However we will guide you through all of these procedures when you contact us.  They are presented here for information only.

  1. Pre-screening questionnaires
  2. Our commitments to you: what to expect
  3. How you can help us

Whilst none of us love how we now have to work we owe it to ourselves and the greater society to do what is right at this time.  It is the new normal for now, however things hopefully will change for the better if we proceed and follow the rules as prescribed.

To enable us to more effectively manage the clinic and appointments in the coming months, we have changed our bookings system to one where you will need to sign up and set yourself a password.  Once the system is fully set up and functioning it will enable a host of useful features, such as booking and moving your own appointments, a history of your visits to the clinic,  and online payments.  All data is stored on fully GDPR compliant systems so your data is completely secure.  It will also enable us to send relevant documentation to you via secure mechanisms as well.

We will be sending existing clients a password to access the software in due course, however if you want to register now or if you are a new client and would like to register you can do so by following the following link:

Lowford Clinic on line registration