Cycling and walking ‘must be the norm’ for short journeys

The Chiropractors and Physiotherapists  at Lowford Clinic in Southampton were excited to see that the kind people at the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) are now advocating that we should all be more active.

We should shun the car in favour of our feet or bicycle for all journeys that could be completed in 20 minutes or under on foot or on a bicycle.

A page on the bbc website cited an article in the medical journal The Lancet suggesting that inactivity is causing as many deaths as smoking.

How does all this relate to back pain?  Whilst being  more active may save your life it will also help to save your back.  With the majority of our patients a lack of activity often contributes to the onset of back pain.

Whats more, it is well know that individuals who participate in some form of regular exercise tend to recover more quickly from episodes of back pain.  Therefore alongside our Chiropractic and Physiotherapy treatment for your back and neck pain we invariably advocate physical exercise as part of your plan.