Jo Hogarty Yoga Teacher aka Yoga Jo

I’ve been practicing Yoga since I was 7yrs old & I have studied & taught in the UK, India & Egypt for the past 18yrs. My reasons for teaching Yoga are simple.. It saved my life. I had just finished studying an outdoor education & environmental science degree when I suffered a Subarachnoid haemorrhage.
One day whilst  recovering in hospital a Buddhist Monk, who I used to meditate with, came to visit. My Neurologist had seen him & was curious to know if I practiced Yoga & Meditation. So, after some questioning.. he patted me & said “Good girl, it’s probably saved your life”. He thought that due to practicing Yoga & Meditation, it helped me to stay calm & accept the situation. Therefore keeping my blood pressure & pulse rate low.  It took approximately 2 yrs to recover. During that time my memory was shocking & my speech used to slur. I started my yoga teacher training to help get my brain functioning again. After 2yrs I developed Temporal lobe epilepsy, which means I have auditory & olfactory hallucinations. Medication was causing depression & changing my personality, so I came off all medication & started teaching Yoga.  I still have seizures, but I can control them by focusing on the breath & being present, & I owe it all to the practice of Yoga & Meditation.
I love my work & I’m very passionate about yoga. It’s not just a little exercise, it’s a way of life.!!
As well as yoga, my hobbies include; walking with the dog, Canoeing, both open & Kayaking. Rock climbing. Photography & travel.